Each year, we receive a number of hosting requests from different organizations who are looking to hold a car show at their location.  If you're interested in having HVCCDE host a show at your location, then we'd love to hear from you!

Show requests should be recieved at least 1 year in advance of the proposed event.

Working with us is easy, and we strive to make the experience a positive one that is free of stress.  Our goal is to provide a great car show to support your event or cause.
HVCCDE receives your request for hosting, which is reviewed by the Board of Directors.
  Upon approval, HVCCDE event coordinators will visit with you at your location to begin preliminary site assessment.  During this meeting we will discuss event times, restrictions (such as maximum allowable vehicles, no drive zones, and logistics).
  HVCCDE event coordinators will utilize information gathered on site, along with satellite imagery will draft an initial site plan.  This plan will be sent to you for review, at which time you can make adjustments based on your organization's individual needs.
  Plan adjustments will be made if needed until final approval is obtained.  The final plan will include all logistics for the event, location of registration, traffic flow, etc.   
  HVCCDE will provide design services (if needed) for the event, to include the event flyer.  HVCCDE will also promote the event to its membership and followers, and issue a press release for the event to our contacts.
  HVCCDE will arrive on site at least 2 hours prior to the event to set up registration, establish traffic control devices (if needed), and prepare for initial participants to arrive. 
  HVCCDE will provide parking services to the event participants.  Show cars will be parked by our staff per the established event plan.
  During the event, HVCCDE will provide administrative services, prize management and distribution, and judging services. 
  Upon conclusion of the event, HVCCDE will manage the removal of participant vehicles from the area, and break down all club equipment.
HVCCDE does not charge a fee for any of its services, however, we do keep a percentage of the registration fees from the show to cover administrative costs.  Money generated from fundraising activities undertaken the day of the show are donated back to the organization for which the show is supporting.  HVCCDE will also typically donate an additional amount to the organization at the conclusion of the event.  This amount will be agreed upon in advance by both parties.

Responsibilities of the hosting organization include:
  Providing electrical power to the registration location. 
  Providing staff (if needed) to assist with logistics needs. 
  Providing rubbish removal for the event. 
  Providing a location for event spectator parking (seperate from event participant parking) and shuttle services to/from said location (if needed).
  Additional services as agreed upon prior to the event.

Ready to have a show?  Use the form below to contact us, and we'll be in touch soon!

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