We're more than just a car club.

At HVCCDE, we are committed to investing in our communities and the people who call them home.  We're committed to our future, for it is the next generation that will call the cars on today's dealership lots "classics."  The uniquely American passion that we all share for the automobile will be passed to our children to be passed again to theirs.  Along the way, many of those children will grow to find rewarding and challenging careers in the automotive industry.

The Historical Vintage Car Club of Delaware has made it a part of their mission to help today's young adults realize that goal.

As a non-profit 501(c)(7) organization, HVCCDE looks to raise funds through members of our community and local businesses, along with a portion of revenue from membership dues to offer a scholarship for a local high school student (must be a resident of Delaware) to attend college in the field of automotive education.  Our goal is to raise enough money to offer that student $5,000.

HVCCDE has partnered with Del-One Federal Credit Union to make this a reality.  But that only gets us part of the way there.  In addition to providing the tuition for our student, we want to raise enough money to give a Tool Grant to them as well in order to help them in the purchase of their first set of specialized tools that will be required to take the course.  As many of you know, these tools can be very expensive, so every little bit helps!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to get there.  You can invest in this future as well.  One hundred percent of your gift will be placed in the HVCCDE scholarship fund, which means 100% of your gift will be given to that student.*  Because we are a 501(c)(7) organization, your gift is tax deductible.  For a copy of our tax exempt letter, click here

We are also committed to being a careful steward of your gift.  The board of directors will require students to apply for the scholarship, present their plan to the board, provide ongoing proof of their academic progress and maintain a high GPA while attending the program.  Funds will be disbursed upon the student satisfactorily meeting these benchmarks.  This not only ensures that our investments are being responsibly paid, but it also allows the organization to keep an open and ongoing relationship with our scholarship recipients, which allows us to positively support their goals.

This scholarship is not currently open for applications, as HVCCDE is still looking to raise the startup funds.  It is our goal to raise an initial $10,000 for two years of scholarship money ($5,000 given annually), while allowing $5,000 to continuously accrue interest in the scholarship account.  All funds donated to the scholarship will be kept in an account designated solely for that purpose, apart from the general operating fund of the club.  Upon reaching that goal, HVCCDE will work with local high schools throughout the state to make the fund available to students.

We wish to sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider giving to this very worthy cause.  Together we can help inspire the next generation of automotive technicians, parts professionals, and even Detroit CEO's. We can help them to ensure that today's cars live to become tomorrow's classics. Let's make a difference together!
As of July 2, 2017 launch date.
Updated:  September 30, 2018
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